If there’s one thing we know how to do at Button, it’s throw a bloody good party!

Here’s how it works:

Open 4pm – late, Mon – Sat

Dinner + Drinks
Book via the calendar for;

  • Mon – Thur + Sun :: bookings until 10.30pm
  • Fri + Sat :: min. 6 people, bookings until 7.00pm

Blow outs

  • For anything below 15 people, just make a booking through the calendar to the right and note any special requests.
  • For 15+ people, better shoot us an email so we can get serious about it.

We love parties of all shapes, sizes, colours and creeds – but we don’t do 18th or 21st parties, we’re too old for that shit.

For details on how we host the best events and parties, check out our function pack for more info.

Food Menu


2 :: $21 3 :: $29 4 :: $37 

Brillat Savarin (FRA) 
Decadent, triple cream, artisan. 
Mon Pere Brie (FRA) 
Soft & creamy, mushrooms & melted butter. 
Le Marquis Brie de Rambouillet (FRA) 
Farmhouse, pungent, barnyard flavours. 

Cropwell Bishop Stilton (ENG) 
Moist & creamy, sharp, buttered, fruity finish 
Onetik Bleu Des Basque (FRA) 
Ewe’s milk, slightly floral aftertaste, salty Roquefort mould. 
Tarago River Blue Orchid (VIC) 
Sweet, spicy & pungent, loose crumbed texture. 

Mountain Man (VIC) 
Slightly pungent, round & complex taste, handmade. 
Le Petit Rouge (VIC) 
100% handmade, soft & creamy w/ strong aroma & tastes 
Woombye Blackall (QLD) 
Delicate, lightly textured, subtle flavouring. 

Marcel Petit Comte Aop (FRA) 
Concentrated nutty texture, sweet honey flavouring, mountain cheese. 
Perenz Montasio (ITA) 
Crumbly texture, sweet aromatic flavours, think dried fruits & nuts. 
Cornish Kern (ENG) 
Dense fudge texture, buttery & caramel flavours, salty finish.


2 :: $21 3 :: $28 4 :: $35 

Prosciutto San Daniele 
Aged 20 months, aromatic, sweet & rich. 
Jamon Serano 
Deep nutty flavours, lean, bitey. 
Soft, creamy, peppered ITA style sausage. 
Salame Picante (w/ chili) 
Firm, rich, peppered sausage, hot. 
Skinless, rustic style salami. 
Spicy, spreadable pork salami. 
Cured loin, lean & mild. 
Salt cured, aged, rich. 
All of our meats are proudly Australian. 

Pizza $18 
Margarita OR Pepperoni 

Vege Nachos  $18 
Proper corn chips covered in melted cheese topped off with pice de gallo, smashed avo, jalapenos & sour cream. 


Ortiz Sardines & toasts, 140g $14 

Chicken Liver Pate $12 Mixed Olives $7 

Housemade Assorted Pickles $7 

Preserved Artichoke Hearts & toasts, 100g $14 

Drinks Menu


Afrika Bambaataa
A healthy ration of Gosling’s Black Seal rum, housemade mandarine curd & a hit of Aztec chocoloate bitters. Your choice to have this served either warm or chilled. 18

Grandma’s Addiction
A spiced up daiquiri with a double ration of house-spiced Rum, Dry Orange Liqueur, tiki syrup, orange bitters & lime juice. 19

Sneaky Tiki Time
A twist on the classic pain killer with a native Australian fruit twist: tamarillo, Pusser’s rum infused with roasted coconut whipped with fresh pineapple and orange juice. 20

Cold Buttered Rum 
Rich, butter washed Bacardi 8, tossed with fresh green apple, maple syrup and peat. 19

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Aged in the barrel and washed with Oloroso Sherry. Intriguing ingredients giving throwbacks of Autumn/Winter – Chestnut Liqueur, aged rum & plum pisco, garnished with Clint Eastwood.. 18

Grandmaster Flash
A Tiki styled cocktail. Easy and refreshing for any time of the year; the combo of white cacao, pear and banana will transport you to a Caribbean beach, with just enough Angostura Rum to execute the sensation. . 20

Pandanny Devito 
This refreshing tiki-style cocktail embodies the summer season with the light taste of watermelon and a tropical and sweet finish from our homemade Pandan syrup along with crème de Menthe. This is the drink from where you’d rather be. 20


Ginger Collins
A regal take on the classic Tom Collins – Bombay Sapphire Gin, lemon and fresh ginger juice, topped up with ginger Beer. 19

Jimmy’s Hendricks
Hendricks Gin, St Germain Elderflower liqueur, fresh cucumber, lime juice, Rose water & egg white. 21

HMAS Button
A refreshingly clean take on the martini, cucumber infused Bombay Sapphire, Dry Vermouth, maraschino, Absinthe & thyme.. 19

Knifey Spooney
Scottish Gin mixed with Native Australian botanicals, topped with house made rhubarb foam – voilá, you got the drink of the night. Dry and aromatic with a creamy top up.. 21

Tropic J Cutler
Bombay Sapphire built on rocks with bitter sweet Aperol, verjus, grapefruit, honey & hellfire bitters. A tropical drink made by a tropical man. 18


Strawberry Swing
Belvedere Unfiltered vodka with Chandon NV, fresh strawberries & basil leaves. 21

Viva Chicano
A zesty mix of Cazadores Blanco Tequila, fresh mandarin, lime, agave & cacao.. 20

Italian Smash
A little somethin’ somethin’ to utilise our Italian produce: Aperol and basil, paired with a house made pear syrup, lemon and Buffalo Trace creates a refreshing drink for any time of year. 18

For wise guys .. Woodford reserve, Amaretto disaronno, honey, coffee beans and angostura bitters.. 19

Kung Fu Kenny
A deceptively familiar mix of Hennessy VS cognac, chocolate & cream dressed up with coconut, matcha tea & a flambèed Braullo foam. Packs a punch. 21

Midnight Special
This Hedonist potion combines Glenmorangie Original, Del Maguey Vida, Picon Bierre and Yellow Chartreuse. Stiff, smokey and sweet. 18


We send out a not-very-regular email when we’ve got cool stuff coming up, plus a little birthday treat for our favourites. Keen?

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